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  The Master's in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) Programme is a 10-month transformational masters programme in Karlskrona, Sweden that focuses on advancing your knowledge, skills, and global networks, in order to build your capacity to be a strategic leader in the co-creation of thriving, sustainable societies.

MSLS 2017/18 - Applications Open

November 1st, 2016

Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, one of the programme´s co-founders, on the essence of MSLS:


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MSLS Brochure

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What do our students say?

Listen to Larysa Metanchuk from Ukraine (Top), and/or Brendan Seale from Canada (Bottom).




What do leading experts in sustainability leadership say about MSLS?

Suzuki Quote

"Humanity has grown so powerful, we are undermining the life support systems of the planet - air, water, soil, biodiversity. The challenge is to see the world through the perspective of sustainability, not constant growth and change. That is the very basis of the MSLS that provides a unique and outstanding education and training that is sending out future leaders who can help move us off our current destructive path. I have seen firsthand, through my son-in-law, the results of this worldclass program."

David Suzuki, founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, recipient of the Right Livelihood Award.

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