Welcome to the Center for Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation - SPIRIT

SPIRIT - Innovate for a better world

SPIRIT is a center at Blekinge Institute of Technology with the vision to be an internationally leading research, education and co-­‐production environment, and the natural first-­hand choice for partners who want to be leading edge examples of transformation into a new breed of businesses that create and deliver sustainable and competitive product-­service systems, and hence lead the way to a sustainable society.

The overall objective of SPIRIT is to develop, disseminate, and integrate relevant, user-friendly and efficient support methods and tools for sustainable product-­service system innovation into business leaders', business developers' and product developers' ordinary work environments.

The SPIRIT center is an umbrella organization spanning projects over several disciplines and organizational units at BTH.

The core project of SPIRIT is the KK Foundation Profile Project "Model Driven Development and Decision Support" (2013-2018) aiming to support the rapid expansion of the research within Product-Service Systems, Strategic Sustainable Development, Innovative Product Development and Simulation Driven Design. For more info contact Professor Tobias Larsson, Director.