About CITR

CITR is a research center in the area of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. CITR’s research is organized in two main themes: Management of Innovation and Technology and Industrial Dynamics and Technological Change.

The research center adopts a multidisciplinary research approach that integrates firms’ capabilities, their organizational strategy as well as the market structure, policy and social context. This approach is used to understand and assess the preconditions for firm-level as well as economy-wide consequences of technology and innovation strategies. 

  • The theme Management of Innovation and Technology focuses on the interplay between technology and innovation within firms. Research topics span from design of incentives and business models, to assessment of investment risk and decision making under uncertainty as well as competence building


  • The theme Industrial Dynamics and Technological Change focuses on determinants as well as firm-level and economy-wide consequences of technology and innovation. A main research area is the influence of firm-specific characteristics such as R&D, IT-investments and human capital on innovation outcomes such as new export products and spin-off processes. This also comprises research on how contextual factors, such as industry characteristics and properties of the institutional and spatial environment influence technological change and innovation. 

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