Collaboration as Enabler for Light Weight Vehicles - SåNätt

project-sanattObjectives: Increase supply chain collaboration to create new products and services that increase competitiveness. Enable organisations to efficiently integrate research in innovation, technology (with focus on light structures) into development of new solutions within automotive supply chain.

BTH project leader: Prof Tobias Larsson

Time span:
 2011 (Stage 2 2011-2013)

 60 MSEK (30 MSEK from VINNOVA FFI programme, 30 MSEK from partners)

Academic partners: BTH, KTH, Chalmers, Luleå University of Technology, Linköping University, Skövde University, University West.

Industrial Partners: (Saab Automobile AB), Volvo Cars Corporation, VINNOVA, Fordonskomponent-gruppen (FKG), Innovatum, Borgstena, Outokumpu, Bendiro Profile Tech, Emhart Teknologies, Engineering Research Nordic AB, ESSVE Produkter AB, EWES Stålfjäder AB, Müller-BBM Scandinavia AB, SKF, Tesa AB, SSAB, RLE International Sweden AB, Benteler, KB Components, Applied Composites AB, Euroform, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, IAC Group Sweden AB, Lamera AB, 3M, Finnveden, Gestamp, Oxeon AB, Fasitet PDE AB, SAPA, Plastal, Raufoss Technology AS, Arsizio, Bulten, Semcon, ProfilGruppen Extrusions AB, Kongsberg Automotive, Ruukki Sverige, Altair Engineering AB, CJ Automotive AB.

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