Life at BTH

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is one of Sweden's most interesting and beautiful places for higher education! BTH is also the most distinctly profiled institute in Sweden, thanks to our strong emphasis on applied information technology and innovation for sustainable growth.

BTH was founded in 1989 which means that we are a young institute who manage education and research in new ways, but still with good quality.

The humanities, social sciences, management and health sciences are all integrated into an applied IT profile that enables technology and the humanities to develop in exciting new directions. Teaching and research at BTH are of a high international standard, with practical learning serving as the focal point for students, teachers and researchers. The emphasis on research, especially cutting edge research, in all our degree programmes is designed to preserve the vital link between education and research.

In addition to the large number of nationalities represented on the faculty level, international students from all over the world give us a truly international environment.

Two Campuses in the South-Eastern part of Sweden

BTH is located in the county Blekinge in the south-eastern part of Sweden and has campuses in Karlskrona and Karlshamn. Both these towns were founded in the late 1600's, which means that you can pass through old-fashioned neighborhoods when you walk or ride the bus to the brand-new buildings that form our campuses.

The campuses are both on the seafront and it is not unusual that visitors say that BTH has Sweden's most beautifully situated campuses. Although both Karlskrona and Karlshamn are rather small towns, the large metropolises Copenhagen and Stockholm are not far away. It takes only some 50 minutes to fly to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and you can reach Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, by train in four hours.

Our campuses are ideal for outdoor activities, but they are still close to whatever practicalities you need in everyday life. Food stores, shops, cinemas, pubs - everything is easily reached.

If you are interested in what Blekinge can offer you, we suggest you follow the link below. Here you can see pictures of our beautiful county, including Karlskrona and Karlshamn, and read about life here. Link to another website, opens in new window

Check our study environment in this short movie about BTH Link to external website, opens in new window.

Enjoy also the aerial film of Karlskrona Link to external website, opens in new window made by the Karlskrona municipality.

Student life at BTH

In order to give you a sample of being an international student at our institute, here comes a short description of different services offered to all students.

Support and services at BTH campuses

All BTH students have access to the institute's learning facilities as well as to the supporting services given by professionals within different fields. For example all our students have access to study guidelines from our Study advisers, general IT services, medical guidelines by the Student health services (nurses, social counsellor or a student chaplain).  Service and assistance in connection to course and programme administration is given by the helpdesk of different departments.

For more information, please follow the link Support and services under Current students' page.

Student organisations

There are two main student organisations at BTH, Student union and Student Region Blekinge. These are working for improvement of social student life as well as the learning environment at BTH. There are also several international student associations organised by students themselves, in order to help their country fellows to easier establish at BTH and in the Swedish society.

More information about student organisations can be found on link Student organisations at BTH under Current students' page.

Student Region Blekinge

Student Region Blekinge

Student Region Blekinge wants to enhance your time as a student at BTH, whether it is about improving the learning environment or to organize events where you can socialize with other students at BTH or meet with companies and partners in Blekinge.

There are many activities and activities within and outside BTH available to you as a student. At the end of your time at BTH we want you to feel that you have received a good education, many new friends, more lifeexperience, contact with industry, but above all many happy memories.

Student Region Blekinge is there to help you create those memories.

International Student associations

More information about the International student associations at BTH

Social activities at BTH

A lot of different activities for students are organized at BTH by students, departments and different organisations at our institute. Some of the activities can be: visiting companies, sports activities and celebrating both Swedish and international holidays.

Meet our studentsBTH students

Students from all over the world study at BTH. Here you can find stories and interviews from different student groups at our institute.

Read interviews with current BTH students.

Read interviews with former BTH students.

On the link below you can see the LipDub video that our Erasmus exchange students made after their studies at BTH during the autumn 2010.

LipDub - BTH Erasmus 2010/2011 Link to another website, opens in new window

The Student Union

Student unions, formed to represent the academic interests of their members, may be found at every university and university college in Sweden.


The role of the student unions with focus on Blekinge student union

Logo Student Union

The Blekinge student union (Blekinge studentkår), is an organization by students, for students. They make sure to represent the social and academic interests of their members and play an active role in shaping the education at all levels within the university. The student union has a few social committees that have the responsibility
to manage the student pubs and discos.

The student union is run entirely by active students. Membership of the student union is optional. The fee is 300 SEK for one term regardless of how many or few credits you may study during that period. By becoming a member you have no obligation to take part in everything the student union does, however you recognize the importance
of student influence at the university and you show your support towards such a cause.

As a member you have the right to attend the student union’s board meeting, representative assembly and other gatherings related to the student union. You have the right and chance to get nominated to a position within the student union, should you wish to make a difference. As a member you have the privilege to send in motions regarding what the student union should work towards, opinions they should carry with them and how their organization should look.

The student Union at BTH is located on the second floor of the J-building

The Student Union at BTH Link to another website, opens in new window


The Library is responsible for providing library service and giving support to the students, teachers and researchers at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The Library also participates actively in the educational development at the institute, and provides education in information literacy for students and staff.

The Library at the university consists of two units. Library Gräsvik, Karlskrona and Library Piren, Karlshamn. The units are to be regarded as a single resource.

Link to BTH's Library

Learning facilities


At the BTH campuses there are up-to-date lecture rooms with all necessary equipment. Furthermore, students have accessibility to equipped laboratories to perform assignments. For example, students at the Mechanical engineering programme have access to a laboratory with machines like in a proper workshop, and there is also a studio for students at the Spatial planning programme.

There are group rooms as well as silent study rooms available for all BTH students.

When the student has obtained an identification card, a BTH Card, he or she gets access to the computer rooms at our campuses. The BTH Card is used as the door key to the computer rooms which are available for BTH students during all hours Monday through Sunday.

There is a possibility for all BTH students to use their own lap-tops by using the wireless Internet all over the campuses.

Library and E-learning

The library offers a wide range of books and magazines and it is open for visits during weekdays. Professional staff is available during office hours when the students need assistance in for example searching for information and printed material.

Please note that the course literature and other books are usually only available in limited numbers. Therefore, every student is supposed to arrange for his or her own course literature.

In addition to the books in the library, there is also a great number of e-books. These are accessible for BTH students through the BTH library's database.

The BTH library has several services for the students, including the Learning Lab.

Link to the BTH library website

Accessibility for students with special needs

BTH's campus facilities are accessible for people with special needs. For example, students and staff using wheelchairs can easily move around in the facili

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