02/16/2012 11:50 AM

Researchers receive Russian grant

When the Russian Ministry of Education and Science chose leading scientists in the world for research grants, two of BTH's researchers won. The Ministry of Education and Science has identified the names of 39 world scientists - the winners of the second open public competition for the grants of the Russian government for state support of scientific research under the guidance of leading scholars in Russian universities.

According to the report of the Ministry, 517 leading world scientists and 176 Russian educational institutions of higher education participated in the contest .

Among the winners are a mathematician, Professor Nail Ibragimov,  and a physicist, Professor Oleg Rudenko,  both working at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Grants are  up to 150 million rubles each, for research in 2011- 2013 with a possible extension of the research for a term of one or  two years. Grants will be transferred by the government to those Russian universities, where the scientists will conduct research. However, universities cannot spend the grant money without the consent of the grant holder.

- It is of course great news that two of BTH's researchers have received this recognition. It shows that research conducted at BTH is world class, says Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass.

Marketing Department, November 16, 2011

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