Innovation and Business Development

Innovation is one of BTH's profile areas. This is reflected both in education and research, but also in the more practical support directed at entrepreneurship and innovation which is offered by BTH Innovation. Through education and research, we can offer companies and organizations as well as individual entrepreneurs and people with ideas, help with technological development in connection with the university's areas of expertise. Individuals and organizations outside the university also have the possibility to take advantage of the hands-on support for business development which BTH Innovation has developed to support staff and students at BTH.

We offer;

  • Help with contacts - BTH Innovation has a good overview of the collective expertise within the university and can help to establish contacts with relevant researchers, teachers and students at the university as well as with players in the regional innovation system.

  • Idea assessment - BTH Innovation offers entrepreneurs as well as established companies help to assess the commercial potential of ideas which are related to the university's expertise.

  • Proof-of-concept project - Structured support for continued development of an idea that is considered to have commercial potential. BTH Innovation is responsible for project management, a proven methodology and a team that complement the idea carriers in the development work. The projects will run for three to six months

For more information as well as templates and contact information visit BTH Innovations Web for companies and organizations

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