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Material on this website is provided by Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) with the aim of presenting information about BTH, its course programmes, research and collaboration with industry and the community. At BTH, where the primary focus is on applied IT, the Internet is one of the most important channels to students, employees, companies, the media, partners and the general public.

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BTH works constantly to ensure that the website is correct, complete and updated. However, typing errors, external influences and technical faults etc. could result in misleading information. This means that BTH cannot guarantee and does not take responsibility for the information being correct, complete and updated.

The quality of the material that can be downloaded has been checked carefully before publication. Obtaining information or downloading files from this website or other linked website, however, is done on the person's own responsibility and at the person's own risk. The visitor bears sole responsibility for any damage to or negative effect on data systems that results from downloading from this website.


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BTH also reserves the right to change the contents of the website at any time.

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Most of the website has been developed using IBM Lotus Notes/Domino R8, a combined group software and server platform. The site comprises a number of full text databases, some of which contain web pages whilst others are special databases, such as an address book, study manual, research database etc.

BTH own the domains,,, and .

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