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BTH - distinctly profiled

Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, is one of the most distinctly profiled universities in Sweden, where applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth are in focus.

Everything we do at BTH has three distinct perspectives: innovation, sustainability and in real life which means cooperation and exchange with both business and industry as well as and society.

BTH conducts research at a high international level and is among the top six in the world in systems and software engineering and sustainability. Research accounts for one third of our activities.

In 1999, BTH got the right to award doctoral degrees in engineering. Today we run doctoral study programmes in "IT with applications" and "Planning and Management". 
BTH was founded in 1989 and has over
6,000 registered students and about 500 employees. 
Characteristic of BTH is the close cooperation with industry and society which permeates both research and education at a regional, national and international level.

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BTH´s vision

BTH´s vision is to conduct education and research in which engineering and IT can be integrated with other disciplines such as urban planning, industrial economics, design and health sciences to contribute to solving the challenges facing society.

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