Guidelines for applying to a doctoral candidate position

Find an open doctoral candidate position

Find an open Ph.D. position (in Swedish doktorandtjänst) that matches your interests. All open Ph.D. positions are advertised on the web.

Go to open positions

If you already have scholarship

Contact one or more of the currently active advisors at the school where you are interested in pursuing your studies and ask him/her to be your advisor. You may also try to find one or more secondary advisors. A secondary advisor may be a person outside BTH, either from another university or from industry.

Make an individual study plan

Together with the advisor you should make an individual study plan for the whole duration of your Ph.D. studies. This plan should contain:

  • Planned degree of activity, e.g., 80% Ph.D. studies and 20% teaching or other departmental work.
  • A time plan for the complete Ph.D. studies.
  • Planned financial form, e.g., Ph.D. position (in swedish doktorandtjänst).
  • A plan of the courses to be included course part. (Of course, it is impossible for you to know exactly what courses will constitute the course part. Just make the course plan as specific as possible!)
  • A short description of the planned thesis topic.
  • The names of your secondary advisors.

Fill in the application form

The official application form is available on the web.
The form is in Swedish and you may therefore need to ask your advisor to help you.

Go to application form


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