Information for Admitted Students

Late arrival?

All students must be in Karlskrona to register on the first day of term (29 August 2011).

Permissions for late arrival are only given in very exceptional cases. Delays with visas, travel documents or flight tickets are not generally considered as exceptional cases in this respect.

Students who are unable to be in Karlskrona for the registration at the start of term, must contact in advance to apply for permission for late arrival.

Students who have not been granted permission for late arrival, and who do not register in person on the first day of term will lose their place on the programme.

The programme is an intensive Master's level programme and students therefore need to be present in Karlskrona from the very first week. Students who miss out on the first week(s) of the programme will find it difficult to catch up later on. We are therefore very restrictive with permissions for late arrival.

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