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DIKR - Department of Creative Technologies

Department of Creative Technologies (DIKR) is one of five departments at the Faculty of ComputingDIKR has a focus on Visual and Interactive Computing which includes computer science disciplines such as computer graphics, visualisation, game technologies, and human-centered computing. A rapidly growing challenge is in the acquisition, processing, analysis and rendering of visual information and how to communicate this information to be understood by people. Other important challenges include how people interact with computers in an efficient way and how this knowledge can be effectively incorporated in the design and development of new technological solutions. Application areas of Visual and Interactive Computing include science, engineering, entertainment, healthcare, public service, etc. In particular our research activities are focused on the following areas:

  • Computer Graphics and Visualisation, including modelling, animation, rendering, virtual reality, image processing, and effective visualisation and communication of 2D/3D data.
  • Digital Game Development, including the game development process, novel interaction techniques (biofeedback) in games, and serious and entertainment game applications.
  • Human-Centered Computing, including human-computer interaction, interaction design,user studies, and eye tracking methodologies.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us Veronica Sundstedt, head of department or Maria Lillqvist, institution coordinator. You can find us in the J building on the third floor.

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