Picture Raisa Khamitova, Lars Lundberg, Håkan Grahn and Nail Ibragimov


The Center for Mathematical Modeling with Lie Group Analysis (CeMMLiGA)

CeMMLiGA combines world leading research and education in mathematics and high performance computer science for mathematical applications. The research center is located in Karlskrona, and we will build up a global network of partners with similar interest.

The activities in CeMMLiGA will initially be education for industry and on the Master and Ph.D. levels. The long term goal is to also include financing for joint research project between CeMMLiGA and our partners.

The education activities will include a summer school in Karlskrona where courses in Lie Group Analysis, High Performance Parallel Computing and related areas would be offered to industry experts, as well as to researchers, teachers, and students from the partners. We will also offer courses with a mix of distance and campus education in the areas above. The majority of the campus education will be done in Karlskrona, but there could be shorter seminars at the partners’ sites.

The initial staff is:
Professor Nail Ibragimov, scientific leader
Professor Lars Lundberg, deputy scientific leader
Professor Håkan Grahn 
Dr Raisa Khamitova




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