Veronica Sundstedt is the Head of the Department of Creative Technologies and an Associate Professor at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. Previously, she was a Lecturer in the GV2 (Graphics, Vision, and Visualisation) Group in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Veronica has also been a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol and the University of Bath, UK. She holds a PhD in Computer Graphics from the University of Bristol and an M.Sc. in Media Technology from the University of Linköping, Sweden. Her research interests are in computer graphics and perception, in particular perceptually-based rendering techniques, novel interaction techniques, experimental evaluation, and eye tracking. Veronica was recently Program Chair for ACM SAP '12 - The 9th Symposium on Applied Perception (formerly known as APGV). She recently wrote a book called "Gazing at Games: An Introduction to Eye Tracking Control" which was published by Morgan & Claypool.

Research Areas

Her research background and interests lie in computer graphics and its applications, allowing interesting opportunities for interdisciplinary research in fields such as human computer interaction, visualisation, psychology, neuroscience, digital media, the games and entertainment industry, archaeology, and design. She is particularly interested in:

  • Realistic Image Synthesis/Efficient Realistic Rendering
  • Perceptually Adaptive Graphics
  • Visualisation
  • Eye Tracking (Diagnostic and Interactive purposes)
  • Novel Gaze Controlled Applications
  • Visual Attention and Eye Movements
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Experimental Design
  • Digital Cultural Heritage

Her main work focuses on taking perception into account in the creation of novel computer algorithms and techniques. Veronica often use psychophysics as an evaluation tool in her research.

Personal website with more information.

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