BESQ Research Center
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The Background

BESQ (Blekinge Engineering Software Qualities) Research Center was established 2007. The foundation for the establishment of the research center has been the research profile project BESQ, funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation and a number of industry partners between 2002-2008.

Number of members in the BESQ Research Center, March 2009.

  • Full Professors - 5
  • Associate Professors 4
  • Assistant Professors - 15
  • Ph.D. students - 22


Enabling prosperity of system industry and the software-dependent society.


BESQ RC should provide support for the quality balanced software (QBS) to its partners. Individual projects (most often in close industrial collaboration) should contribute to the overall mission as illustrated below.

Figure presenting BESQ RC Mission


BESQ RC is the leading applied research center for quality balanced software products and solutions. This implies engineering of contrallable and predictable software-intensive systems, where system and project qualities are traded-off and improved.




Supported by Knowledge Foundation

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