Varvara @ IST 2017 with the poster

Varvara @ IST 2017 with the poster

In June 2017 Varvara presented the first results of her PhD project at the 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference[1] in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference devoted special attention to findings and discussions around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals[2] and challenges related to transitions towards sustainable future.

Among many others, Frank Geels presented his research. Professor Geels is the author of the multilevel perspective, and, what is relevant for Varvara’s PhD, its application in the transportation sector[3]. During the panel on the first day of the conference he brought up very relevant questions: “We need to look at diffusion, look at the whole system; speed and acceleration of diffusion; single innovation vs whole systems.” From the personal talk he shared that his current project related to transportation is related to transitions towards sustainable mobility and his PhD student is looking at it from the historical perspective[4] that is why Varvara’s project would be complementary and interesting to discuss further on.





[4] Related to the previous research:

Text authored by Varvara Nikulina.

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